Lightweight Update

The new rear springs have eliminated most of the lean and have transformed the vehicle’s ride – it’s immeasurably more comfortable over bumps in the road, not far off the 109’s HD parabolics and HD gas dampers. The clunk from the back end when taking up drive, which is suspected to be a diff fault, has gone too.

There is a small clunk from the front end when cornering which I suspect to be from the front suspension bushes or the swivel pins/bushes.  I have a set of suspension bushes and I will soon have a replacement front axle from the 109 which I fully rebuilt a few years ago with new swivels and bearings, so that will be a good project for the winter, along with the dragging clutch.

Helena is really enjoying the vehicle now – she’s now making excuses to take it out on the road!

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  1. Braimoh Waheed says:

    I have the SWB Landrover 88″ Series III manufactured in 1977 Diesel Engine there is a relationship between the Air cleaner,the J shape Apparatus attached to the Manifold and a Valve,this regulates the sound and speed of my Land rover. I will like to know how to set the valve in order to make the speed normal.How can i go about it ?.Thanks

  2. Diesel engines are governed only by how much fuel is injected into the cylinders – they have no airflow control. It is only carburettor fed petrol engines which use butterfly valves in the choke chamber to control airflow.

    The valve in the induction tract between the filter and manifold that you describe is there to create a vacuum for the brake servo booster. There is also a vacuum “reservoir” next to the radiator connected to the brake booster system which provides the vacuum to the servo when the engine is unable to do so. It is reputed to be a little temperamental and difficult to set up right, though I have never worked on one of those systems – the later engines I have used all have dedicated vacuum pumps.


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