Anniversary Present to Kick of Restoration

The Range Rover was taken off the road and installed in the garage witht he plan to start its rebuild, but that start has been deferred because of “reality” – other more pressing issues keep getting in the way.  The long term plan is to have it back to top condition with those handful of […]

RRC Front Axle

It’s far too cold to be working outside at the moment, and I don’t have a pit or ramps to elevate the vehicle, so I had the front diff replacement done at Rogers of Bedford.  Just as well, too, as I didn’t expect the anti-roll bar links would be in the way.  It was possible […]

New Boots for the RRC

The 235/70 BFG ATs were worn almost to their legal limits, and since silly season is approaching, replacements were due – I didn’t fancy wet or snowy roads with little tread remaining.  I also didn’t fancy £120 a corner, so I have had the tyres which were on the LSE rims bought for the 109.  […]

New Front Diff

The Range Rover’s front vibration is getting a little worse.  It happens at about 50-60mph with light throttle loads, but now also seems to be appearing at 70-ish mph on slightly rough roads. The problem has existed since I bought the vehicle, and replacements of prop shaft UJs, tyres, CV joints, wheel bearings, brake discs […]

Range Rover Speedo Repair

The Range Rover’s speedo had been twitching slightly at around 50-60mph for nearly a year, and cleaning the contacts on the transducer plug didn’t help at all, but during a trip to Norolk the other day the speedo needle started bouncing all over the place for a while and then died completely. I spoke to […]

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