Gear Box Dec 2014

I have finally removed,stripped, assessed and rebuilt the box today, save for the cast iron front cover inside the bell housing, which needs a new seal as the old one has a blemish where it contacts the input pinion and is weeping into the bell housing through the drain hole in the bottom of the […]

109 Front diff now 4.71

Well, at least this afternoon’s work went a little better than yesterday’s, with no running around trying to find special tools in a hurry.  Both diffs are now 4.71 to reduce the strain on the gear box and to give better low speed driving.

109 rear diff now 4.71

Well, the title says it all.   I spent an exasperating day swapping the Salisbury diffs over again to drop the ratios.  Removing the bearings from the carriers to move the good bearings from the 3.54 unit to replace the rusted bearings on the 4.71 was a pig because I appear to have lost my […]

deja vu

Following the sound proofing effort and oil change/service, I took the 109 on its 265 mile trip to work.  The car was astonishingly quiet, eerily so, in fact, quieter than the 90XS.  The sound proofing really works better than I could have hoped for, leaving only road and wind noise to be significant.  However, the […]

Roverdrive Refitted

Sorry, no pictures as I didn’t have the camera handy, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen already.  The relevant pictures were on the previous overdrive thread showing the changeover of the front casings of the unit.

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