Stronger Overdrive Casing

I have refit the original type of front casing to my Roverdrive, having suffered two broken new style casings.   The design was changed to have three milled voids to increase oil flow through the main bearing, but I found the remaining lugs that centralise the overdrive on the transfer box too weak, the upper […]

109 April 2014 Update

A few little updates this month regarding the 109 transmission, Range Rover engine and Defender 90.

Gearbox. Again.

The gear box had a 3rd/4th synchro spring fail about six months ago.  The symptoms were immediately recognisable, having suffered the same failure in 2004, that resulting gearbox rebuild triggering the rebuild of the whole vehicle.  The symptoms then were the complete jamming of the synchro unit, locking out 3rd and 4th.  This time around, […]

August 2013 Update

There hasn’t been much going on recently – I’ve been working too much and other things have been taking up the money anyway. The rebuilt head has cut down enormously on the oil loss suffered since I built up the Tdi engine in 2008.  It’s hard to say whether it is still using any – […]

109 Engine Mounting

The combination of the 200Tdi engine on Defender mountings and the axle upgrade lead to an unforeseen clash, literally.  Under heavy braking, the front UJ of the front prop shaft was hitting the right hand side engine mounting.  This came about because of two reasons: firstly, the Defender mounting hangs very low to clear the […]

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